About us

Welcome to Afghan Precious Geo, your number one source for any kind of Lapis Lazuli products and raw materials. We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best of Lapis Lazuli, with a focus on quality, best services, and customer satisfaction.

We are based in the United States, but we have our supply of Lapis Lazuli close to our mines in Afghanistan. We were exhibiting Gemstones in the United States’ Gem Shows and receiving lots of orders. In addition, we were approached many companies and individuals who wanted us to provide them with large quantities of the precious rock. We were delivering Lapis to our customers who we met and knew in person, but now we decided to make it easier to access this precious stone to our valued customers all around the world. Therefore, developing this platform, which caters to both the retail and wholesale markets, was a necessity.

In the field, we are recognized as top leaders in Lapis Lazuli since we were providing the best Lapis to all the customers around the globe in any size and any kind of category.

Now it is extremely easier to get this the most beautiful and precious stone than ever.

We hope to have you in our valued customers list who have excellent experience with us, and you enjoy our product.